Roland Hahner


I was born in Pécs, 14. April 1976. I’ve been living in Szederkény ever since. My musical career started in 1985 in the music school of Mohács, where I was playing the clarinet. I founded my first band in 1990; this was when I developed the interest in keyboard instruments. Of course, I have been playing the clarinet till today. 1990-94 I played the keyboard in the band. After it broke up in 1995, I joined the Cocktail Band, with which I have been playing until now. I got in the Hungarian Musical Band in 2003, when it was founded, as a keyboard player, and am still making music with them.



Attila Horváth



He is a clarinet artist and teacher. Besides classical music, he was also studying jazz on the piano. Being a qualified cantor, he served in the Evangelic church District of Fejér County in several congregations. He has been member of the Pécs Symphonic Orchestra since 2000, working on numerous theatrical productions as clarinetist and pianist. Meanwhile, he has also been a member of more non-classical bands, playing accompanying music for more well-known Hungarian performers. He is happy to be working in the Hungarian Musical Band since 2009.



Péter Keszler



I started to make music relatively early. I started playing the guitar at the age of twelve, and got into a band when I was fifteen. First, like almost all the guitarists, it was the importance of the instrument’s role in rock music, which attracted me. Later though, I became interested in other styles of music as well. I was playing lead or bass guitar in several rock, blues, jazz and dance bands, but deep below I always had my roots in rock. That is why I was happy to accept to play the guitar in the “Queen - The Show Must go On” Show.



Szilvia Kiss



Theatre has always been a very important part of my life, from my childhood on (folk singing contests, poem and prose performing contests, contests on proper pronunciation). In my high school years, I was attending the musical studio of László Csányi and Valéria Botka. I studied the piano for six years, and now, as a grown-up, I’m getting acquainted with other musical instruments (guitar, flute, saxophone). After graduation, I was admitted to the theatre school of Mária Gór Nagy, and got in the class of Kati Zsurzs. During my theatre school years and later I had the opportunity to work with actors such as Kati Zsurzs, Judit Miklós, Ildikó Keresztes, Enikő Détár, Péter Kálloy Molnár, Tibor Pintér, Pál Makrai, Pál Feke, Tamás Gyöngyösi, György Szomor, Sándor Várfi. As a singer, I performed in several stage shows in Hungary and abroad: “A szépség és a szörnyeteg” (The Beauty and the Beast), “Aida”, Pál Feke concert).



László Nádasdi



In the seventies, I played a clarinet, and then came a saxophone. It took me some years to find the musical instrument meant for me: the guitar. I got my artist diploma for playing the guitar in 1985. Right now, I am a member of various pop and rock bands, amongst them the Hungarian Musical Band from the time of it’s founding. In my free time, I am composing.



Gábor Pethő
Bass Guitar



The first major step in my career as a professional musician was the Moho Sapiens band, with which we won in the pop category of a talent show “Csillag Születik”. In 1988 I joined the leading band of Hungarian rock music at that time, the EDDA Művek, with which we recorded altogether five albums, three of which got golden records. In 1991 I moved to Canada, there I worked with lots of local and USA performers, both as a member of the group or contributor. I recorded with internationally well-known producers, such as Nick Blagona ( or Paul Milner (



Levente Csordás



Levente Csordás has a strong personality and a unique voice. His musical career started with a talent search TV show “Csillag születik”, where his band, the Magazin won in the Rock category. When Péter Kun (later Edda band member) joined the band, it transformed and took the name Sing Sing. After several tours, in the time of preparing for their first recorded album, Levente left the country and went to the USA. There he got to know the Glam Rock style, played in even more bands, mostly on the West Coast. After seven years, on what started to be a short visit to Hungary, he founded a new band (the Slam) and recorded an album, published by EMI (“Kapuk előtt”), featuring the hit “Szívemből szól ez a dal”, played by all radio stations. After that, Levente joined the band Shy Guys, the first pop band of his life. This group catapulted to fame in a speed unseen before in Hungary. Just after the year 2000, he left the group, having played in several bands since than in Hungary and abroad. Additionally, he has been composing with Hungarian and English lyrics for different performers.



Tamás Józsa



During my elementary school time I spent 3 years living in Spain. This has helped me to learn to know a new culture and meant lots of travelling all across Europe. What really had a great influence on me and my music though was my one and a half year long stay in Latin America. At the age of 17-18 I was lucky enough to live, study and absorb everything happening around me in Paraguay and Bolivia.


It was quite clear, what my instrument of choice will be. Listening to modern music it always had been the guitar that could get me enthusiastic. My love of classical music remained until today, despite the fact that I consider myself a jazz-blues guitarist. I have learned and am still learning a lot from the works and lives of classical composers.


My first real band, the Plectrum Quartet ( I founded in 2004. This consists of four plucked instrument, three electric guitars and a bass, this resembling a string quartet, but really could be called plectrum quartet, hence the name. I like bossa-nova and to write song in Spanish. I have definite conceptions about harmonizing and am obsessed studying the works of Mussorgsky and Bartók. At the moment I mostly play instrumental music in a trio, from country to fusion music, with a repertoire of own songs and arrangements.

At the age of 22 I was assistant teacher in a guitar studio, at 25 I am already establishing my own guitar school (Süti Gitársuli, working with my own methods, own ideas.